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•  Reuters reports that Amazon "relies on extensive worker surveillance to boost employee output and potentially limit unionization efforts around the United States, says a research paper issued on Monday by the Open Markets Institute."

The Institute says that "Amazon uses such tools as navigation software, item scanners, wristbands, thermal cameras, security cameras and recorded footage to surveil its workforce in warehouses and stores.

"The paper says Amazon moves employees around in what could be an attempt to limit union organizing. For example, it creates heat maps and uses data such as team-member sentiment and a diversity index to figure out which of its stores may have a higher risk of unionizing, the report says.

"This can have an impact on workers’ ability to advocate for better working conditions and push for collective action, the paper said."

•  From The Motley Fool:

"Amazon is expanding its Prime Air fleet at such a rate that it will likely surpass the third-largest shipping carrier, DHL, next year, before taking aim at FedEx and UPS.

"A study by the DePaul University Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development released last week found that from May to July, Amazon grew its fleet of cargo planes at the fastest rate since it began building out the business.

"The study's authors said that Amazon added nine planes to Prime Air during the three-month period, bringing its fleet size to a total of 50, for a 21.4% increase. They also note that since the end of their study, Amazon added four more planes and is expected to add another four, possibly by the end of the year."