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•  In Monday Night Football, the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the New York Giants 26-16, while the Tennessee Titans beat the Denver Broncos 16-14.

•  And, in a development that will cheer many New York Mets fans, it was announced yesterday that Steve Cohen, the controversial hedge fund billionaire (he once paid close to $2 billion in fines to settle an insider trading case), finally has acquired the Mets for a price said to be about $2.4 billion.

Cohen gets 95 percent of the team.  Fred Wilpon, the much-despised current majority owner who stopped investing in players because of investments he made with Bernie Madoff, and minority owner Saul Katz will retain a total five percent ownership stake.  The deal reportedly does not include SNY, the team's cable network.

Twenty-three of the other 29 MLB owners now have to approve the transaction for it to be finalized.

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