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"Target plans to increase the diversity of its workforce, pledging to grow its percentage of Black employees by 20% over the next three years," according to a report from USA Today.

It isn't just a goal.

Target laid out four steps it is taking to achieve a higher level of diversity:

•  "Developing programs to hire and retain Black team members in career areas with low levels of representation, including technology, data sciences, merchandising and marketing."

•  "Increasing Target’s network of mentors and sponsors to help Black team members accelerate and advance their careers."

•  "Ensuring benefits and partnerships drive wellness and safety for Black team members."

•  "Continuing anti-racism training for leaders and employees that “educate, build inclusion acumen, and foster a sense of belonging."

USA Today writes that "according to Target’s diversity report, based on 2019 information, nearly half of the retailer's workforce of nearly 350,000 are people of color with 15% Black, 25% Hispanic or Latinx and 5% Asian.

"Of the leadership team, 42% are women and 24% are people of color – 8% are Black, another 8% Hispanic and 8% Asian."

KC's View:

This isn't just about political correctness.

The fact is, retailers are better when their employee base - top to bottom - better reflects the customer base.  And since we live in a country where, according to US Census projections, whites will be less than 50 percent of the total population by 2045, it makes sense to start re-engineering organizations that are going to be relevant to that world.