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MNB reader Bob Thomas had a perspective on the possibility of increased wine import tariffs:

The tariffs, though terrible, will not be as bad as one would think.  Tariffs would be based on the landed cost of the wine, not the current retail price.  A way to reduce the impact of the tariff would be for a foreign winery to set up a subsidiary in the US to import and then distribute the wine.  Though there may be small problems with the price charged to the subsidiary (“transfer pricing”) it is not an insurmountable problem.  Or a very astute company could serve as a clearing house for the various wineries willing to enter into a distribution partnership. 

Regarding the mask debate, one MNB reader wrote:

The issue of wearing masks is not a partisan issue, or even a philosophical issue. It does make it easy to determine who the sociopaths are.

I wouldn't go so far as "sociopath."  Label people that way and it sort of ends the possibility of reasonable discussion.

Though I would agree that it is hard to understand why this has become a cultural issue and not a matter of health and smart public policy.

Responding to last week's piece about the stirring rendition of the National Anthem on the campus of Portland State University (which I've embedded below), MNB reader Greg Kerr wrote:

Gave me the chills, and a tear in my eye!

With all that is going on in the U.S. and the world these days, what a great clip to provide at then end of this week.  Both Madisen and Emmanuel were phenomenal.  Thank you for sharing!

MNB reader Julia Ann Mataras wrote:

The PSU video was beautiful.  Thank you for sharing.

Another MNB reader, who also attended the MNB Virtual Happy Hour on Friday night, wrote:

Brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you for hosting tonight’s happy hour.  I always learn and enjoy the perspectives of other people in different parts of the country. 

It was fun.  And instructive.

And from MNB reader Monte Stowell:

Thank you for sharing this video to your MNB audience. Portland has a diverse population, and to see what happened in this video was really heart warming to see and hear this beautiful version of our national anthem.I have lived in PDX all my life and attended PSU when it was Portland State College in the mid1960’s, so it was great to see PSU get some props from your missive and this video.

It all brought a tear to my eye, too … in part because of how much I am going to miss Portland and PSU this summer.

But no whining … or at least, not much.