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The Journal of International Consumer Marketing has an analysis by Russell Zwanka, who is moving to Western Michigan University's Food Marketing program, and Cheryl Buff, in which they review "the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 on global consumer traits, buying patterns, global interconnectedness and psychographic behavior, and other marketing activities."

An excerpt:

"As past cataclysmic events have shown, major shifts in viewpoints and behavior inevitably form from collectively experienced events. The global flu epidemic of 1918 helped create national health services in many European countries. The twinned crises of the Great Depression and the second world war set the stage for the modern welfare state. But, those are shifts in governmental policy and social safety nets. In this framework, we want to postulate how consumer behavior will be impacted, and if that impact will vary by age. Will the COVID-19 pandemic, in effect, form a new generational cohort, as represented by the collective response of that group?"

You can read the paper here.