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The Wall Street Journal this morning reports that Amazon has made the decision to reschedule its annual Prime Day promotion, which usually happens in July, for early September.

The company hopes that the delay will give it the time to return to normal in terms of shipping times, pre-pandemic business operations and the sale of non-essential goods.

According to the story, "Yet even as Amazon moves to return to wider product selection and speedier deliveries, the company may not be able to reach the ultrafast shipping times it had provided to customers for months, the people said.

" is inching toward a return to normal operations as the company struggles to fulfill unprecedented demand because of the coronavirus, upending operations and shipping speeds that customers had grown used to."

KC's View:

I'm interested to see whether Amazon's competitors, sensing opportunity, will jump in and try to pre-empt Prime Day with their own promotions.

But I'm even more interested to see how Prime Day fares during a time of economic recession.  The concept was launched in 2015, at a time when the economy was growing and people felt prosperous.  But that may not be the case in September …. and the question is whether it will see some fall-off of interest and spending.