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From Fast Company:

"On May 1, Texas businesses started to reopen under restricted guidelines. They are among the first in the nation to do so, and if the results of an investigation by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban are any indication, things aren’t looking good.

"Cuban hired secret shoppers to evaluate the rate at which Dallas businesses were reopening and whether they were following safety protocols. The results are stark:  Only 36% of businesses reopened that first weekend, and 96% of open stores weren’t compliant with the protocols. Yikes.

"On May 1-3, hiring platform Shiftsmart called about 1,000 popular restaurants and retailers (based on their number of Yelp reviews) to determine how many had fully reopened for dine-in and in-store shopping. From there, the company physically audited about 300 open businesses.

"They evaluated mandatory protocols such as single-use condiments, marked waiting spots, and sanitized carts, as well as suggested protocols like contactless payments, at-risk group hours, and disinfected surfaces. They found that businesses followed only about 60% of mandatory protocols and 54% of the suggested protocols."

Yikes, indeed.

You can read the entire analysis here.