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•  WGRZ reports that "Wegmans has rolled out their new SCAN app to Western New York. The app has been in the testing phase in stores in Rochester and Massachusetts.

Here's how it works:  Customers download the SCAN app through the app store or Google Play, and then connect the app to their Shoppers Club accounts.  They ten scan items via their smartphones when shopping, and go through self-checkout to pay when leaving the store.

Wegmans notes that "The idea is to cut down on time spent inside the store, and there's no better time for that than now.  You also never have to put your credit card information in the app."

•  Bloomberg reports that Starbucks is saying that it is "in talks with landlords for potential lease concessions and expects to pay reduced rents after the coronavirus pandemic passes. Still, the company is current on its rent bills, according to Chief Financial Officer Patrick Grismer, even as many of its stores remain closed."

“We are having ongoing conversations with our landlords in various markets regarding what may be commercially reasonable lease concessions in the current environment,” Grismer said.  “We’ve not yet confirmed those arrangements.”