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"Saturday Night Live" returned last weekend with the second of its pandemic-era shows, produced remotely during the week in various locations, as opposed to live in the studio.  (Quarantining and social distancing making that impossible, of course.)

The first of these "at home" editions was a more slapdash affair than this second one, which had better production values and graphics.  One of the segments was a parody commercial for "Bartenson's Grocery Store," in which clerks played by Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant make their sales pitch:  “We want to give you what you want, but first we need you to buy what we have.”

And "what they have" is a lot of stuff that nobody would want … and in its own way, the list serves as a kind of satiric indictment of the SKU proliferation - much of it inaccurately passed off as "innovation" - that plagues the retail food business.

They say that there is a grain of truth in every joke … and that is certainly the case here.