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Just wanted to thank all the folks - more than three dozen - who signed on last Friday for the first MNB Virtual Happy Hour.

It was a terrific hour, I thought … lots of conversation about what we all were drinking (for me, it was the 2016 Willamette Valley Vineyards Founders Reserve Pinot Noir, which was excellent), as well as where we were living and working and how we were all dealing with the pandemic.  Fascinating stuff and evidence, I'd like to believe, of how MNB is more than a website.  We're a community.

I've gotten a bunch of emails from participants encouraging me to do it again … and so I shall.  It isn't locked in stone yet, but I'm thinking Friday, April 17 … and maybe I'll start it a little later next time so the folks on the west coast don't have to start drinking so early.

Make sense?  Let me know.

Below are some pics (including one of (from left to right) Parker, Zazu and Spenser … who were excluded from most of the event but were not happy about it.