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 In New Jersey, the Asbury Park-Press reports that a New Jersey man "was charged with making terroristic threats, harassment and obstruction" after he coughed on a Wegmans employee there and then said he had the Covid-19 coronavirus.

According to the story, the man coughed on the employee after she told him "he was standing too close to her and an open display of prepared foods … The woman asked him to step back as she covered the food."  After coughing on her, he told her he was infected.  Police were called, and then arrested and charged him when he refused to identify himself.

The Park-Press writes that "the incident is the latest in a shocking trend of people coughing, licking or otherwise possibly infecting a person or surface amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

"In Purcellville, Virginia, employees at a Harris Teeter threw out hundreds of dollars worth of items after two teens appeared to film themselves coughing on produce.

"A man in Warrenton, Missouri, is also facing charges after he filmed himself licking deodorant sticks at a Walmart and asking, 'Who's scared of coronavirus?' the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported."

KC's View:

I try to have a generous and tolerant view of mankind on general, but people like this test my resolve.  The good news, I think, is that the vast majority of people are responding well to the challenges created by the pandemic … and I hope it continues.