business news in context, analysis with attitude

by Kevin Coupe

Today's MNB will be dominated by news related to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.  I suspect it will be that way for a while.

But I think it is important, even when things seem bleak - especially when things seem bleak - to pay attention to the moments when people demonstrate a level of cool, poise, and basic humanity.  Moments when we reach for a higher common denominator.

I'm going to do that here whenever I can.  Such a moment…

From ABC News, this video from Turin, Italy - which looks to be right in the middle of that country's coronavirus hot zone - that shows how residents "kept the community spirit alive despite the coronavirus lockdown, organizing 'aperitivo,' or pre-dinner food and drinks—all from their balconies."

Lovely moment.  An Eye-Opener.  And I'm counting on being able to offer more of the same in coming days.

One other thing.  There will be plenty of time for worrying about the coronavirus and for criticizing how the government seems to be responding to the crisis.  But I think we also need to make some time to celebrate when folks do things right, when they demonstrate how much people are capable of, as opposed to how little.  I'm going to look for such stories, but if you have stories or pictures or video … or links to any such things … please send them along.  We're all in this together.