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WROC-TV News reports that Wegmans is being "publicly acknowledged" as having supported a pair of advocacy groups in Brighton, New York, that have opposed the building of a Whole Foods there.

According to the story, "The groups say Wegmans’ support is because of traffic concerns along Monroe Avenue and not because Whole Foods is an industry competitor."

WROC-TV News reports that the development has been highly controversial and "has been stalled in the courts for years."

In a statement, Wegmans said that it "is one of several hundred residents and businesses whose legitimate concerns about the Daniele Family Companies’ Monroe Avenue project were largely ignored. We were asked by these groups to help support legal action to correct the traffic congestion and safety problems that will result from this project."

Wegmans' involvement raised eyebrows because the advocacy groups previously denied that the company was involved in their efforts.

KC's View:

Interesting to see this making news.  I think that a retailer has every right to weigh in on community issues - including traffic that may be created by a competitor.  I do think they have to be careful, lest they be seen as trying to shut the competition out.

But I actually don't think Wegmans worries a helluva lot about Whole Foods.  Wegman sis aware, but not worried.