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One MNB reader had a thought about Tesco's decision to price-match Aldi in the UK:

It's not mentioned often in media coverage but a big benefit of Aldi compared to Tesco and Asda here in the UK is the time saved. Most shoppers most of the time know what they want and don't need 35000 skus to choose from every trip. The price cut therefore may still not fully arrest the decline in share - I'm increasingly hooked on my done and dusted in 25 minutes Aldi missions! 

Regarding the decision by Burlington to shut down its e-commerce site, one MNB reader wrote:

It’s been a long time since I was in a Burlington store. Whenever I did go in it seemed like a very stale assortment that went way past “last season.” Contrast that with Marshall’s/TJMaxx, Ross Stores, etc. where there the assortment always seems fresh to reasonably fresh.

If the merchandise in Burlington is still substantially the same I can see why e-commerce sales were lackluster, at best, and unlikely to improve.

And regarding our coronavirus coverage, which some thought was falling into a liberal media trap, one MNB reader wrote:

Kevin, you are correct as being a reader of your information means we are all part of a bigger audience.  Not only will the step taken to reduce potential exposure be positive for all types of ailments, washing hands goes back to all those things our mother’s taught us and we have forgot!  As the COVID 19 spread to our communities, people will get more focused, and those who are compromised with other chronic ailments or health issue need to be fully aware of the risks.  That many times means those closest to us, our parents, spouses, and kids.  Information gives us the power to make good decisions for our personal lives.

Keep up the good work.