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New York magazine's "Grub Street" column reports that Wegmans has begun making deliveries to all of Manhattan's more than 40 zip codes from its four-month old Brooklyn store.

The story says there is just one caveat:  "The delivery windows will be much longer - an estimated two to five hours - due to longer driving times. So, plan on being home all afternoon and/or ordering enough groceries to last for at least two weeks. Or, you could just head to Brooklyn and experience the magic of Wegmans in person, as the food gods intended."

KC's View:
  The thing that still shocks me is that Wegmans, which has more brand equity than almost any other retailer, continues to use Instacart for deliveries, which has the potential of eroding that equity over time.  It certainly puts its reputation in the hands of a company that may not share its priorities and standards.

Think of it this way:  Why would Wegmans want to use that same delivery service as Fairway?  Where, exactly, is the differential advantage?