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by Kevin Coupe

Grub Street has a story about how Marc Forgione, the chef at Peasant - a restaurant described as being an institution in New York's Nolita neighborhood (north of Little Italy) - has come up with something innovative.  It is a familiar dish with an unusual presentation.

Spaghetti carbonara served in a quart mason jar.

Actually, not just served in the mason jar…

Here's how the story describes it:  "Our spaghetti carbonara materialized not in a bowl but inside a quart-size Mason jar, which the server proceeded to shake like a Hemingway daiquiri before spilling its contents onto a plate."  Forgione says that "it’s one of the best ways to emulsify egg yolk into the sauce and allows you to do it tableside.” 

Grub Street adds, "A few more tweaks — supplementing the traditional guanciale with braised pig’s ears, infusing egg yolks with smoked olive oil — further distinguish the dish from what you get in Rome."


First of all, I'm hungry.

Second of all, I'm sort of intrigued.  I make a really good linguini carbonara, but I'm wondering if I should try the whole jar thing.

Third … this is such a great example of how a little bit of innovative thinking can make something traditional into something almost brand new … and certainly something that can capture the customers' imaginations.

Carbonara made in a jar?   Now that's my idea of an Eye-Opener.