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Commercial Drone Professional reports that Unilever has been testing the delivery of its Ben & Jerry's ice cream cups via drone.

According to the story, "During the demonstration, a multi-copter drone was fitted with a delivery box designed to carry three Ben & Jerry’s mini cups.  A flight path was set beforehand to allow the drone to carry the ice cream cups inside the Unilever’s US facility"

While this was just a test, "with regulations around future drone flights expected to become more flexible, the consumer goods company is preparing for a drone logistics service that will deliver products to more customers faster."

Unilever launched a delivery service called Ice Cream Now in 2017, and sees drones as being the next step in that continuum.

KC's View:

My first reaction to this story was, "Really?  Doesn't this seem a little self-indulgent?"

My second reaction was that this seems totally aimed as those damned self-indulgent millennials.

My third reaction was … if I didn't have any Graeter's Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip in the freezer (which I almost always do), or their Boldly Bearcat limited edition ice cream (which is our new family favorite), and I knew I could get use an app to get a drone to deliver it pretty quickly without my having to leave the house … well, that seems as fine a use of technology as I can imagine.

Just sayin'.