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by Kevin Coupe<

Is there any business that Amazon doesn't want to get into?

Reuters reports that Amazon and Goldman Sachs Group are in "advanced talks" to begin offering loans to small- and medium-sized businesses.

The interesting note from the story is the suggestion is that the loans would be targeted at companies that need resources to invest in things like … wait for it … technology.

You know.  Like some of the stuff that Amazon offers.  Like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I'm not being cynical here.  More like admiring.

Because when you think about it, if there are big companies that won't want to do business with AWS because they compete with Amazon in other venues, it will make sense for Amazon to develop relationships wherever possible with other businesses that may learn to depend on it.  For better or worse.

(There's also, of course, the vig, which can be good for a bottom line.)

The story also notes that this is part of a broader strategy at Goldman Sachs, which, teaming with Apple, "rolled out a virtual credit card to help build out the Wall Street bank's consumer business, which also consists of its online bank Marcus."

Tentacles for everyone, spreading everywhere.

It's an Eye-Opener.