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The Wall Street Journal has a story about how one trend - the growth of so-called ghost kitchens that handle delivery functions for existing restaurants - is matching up with another - the growth of vacant space in America's malls.

Developers, the Journal writes, are saying that ghost kitchens "can create new interest in retail and warehouse space vacated by merchants that have struggled to compete with e-commerce."

The story notes that "delivery now accounts for roughly 9% of the $282 billion U.S. fast-food sector and is growing faster than dine-in and drive-through sales, according to a recent Bernstein analysis … Restaurants are expanding their delivery offerings to generate sales despite the impact those orders often have on their operational efficiency and profits. The remote kitchens can reduce their real-estate costs while expanding their reach."
KC's View:
All that space has to be used for something. Might as well be for ghost kitchens, dark stores and micro-fulfillment centers.

Though it does seem to me that it is a buyer's market in a lot of places, and so these restaurants and stores ought to be able to get good deals.