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Bloomberg reports that in "a rare setback" for Beyond  Meat and the faux meat business in general, Canadian doughnut chain Tim Horton's has "stopped selling Beyond Meat products at its coffee and donut shops across two of Canada’s biggest provinces," Ontario and British Columbia.

In an official statement, the company said that "we introduced Beyond Meat as a limited time offer. We are always listening to our guests and testing new products that align to our core menu offerings. We may offer Beyond Meat again in the future."

The Bloomberg story notes that "the chain had been serving the Beyond Burger and a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich made with the company’s imitation sausage products. After an initial launch starting in June at nearly 4,000 Canadian locations, the items were scaled back to the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia in September."

KC's View:

They say they may bring it back, but the real implication here is that faux meat is too faux for Canadians, and certainly not in synch with the demands of Tim Horton's core consumers.  Which is probably one more reason for McDonald's to be cautious about getting into the plant-based meat business.  (Though, if I'm not mistaken, Canada is where McDonald's has been doing a lot of its plant-based testing.)