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The advertising run-up to the Super Bowl has begun, and one of the commercials getting the most attention is from Planters, which shows the death of its longtime mascot, Mr. Peanut.

You can see it above:  Mr. Peanut is driving the Nutmobile, accompanied by actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh (Veep), when the vehicle goes off a cliff.  All three find themselves hanging onto a tree branch, which cannot support their weight … and it goes on from there.

Some sort of memorial service for Mr. Peanut apparently will be shown in a Super Bowl commercial.

AdWeek writes that "the loss of Mr. Peanut is a major moment for the brand. Planters first introduced Mr. Peanut to audiences in 1916, meaning that the mascot has been around since the midst of World War I, making him of the longest-standing brand mascots of all time."

KC's View:
  I'm going to make a prediction right here.

He ain't dead.  Somehow, he survives … maybe as a new peanut butter, but he survives.

I would also suggest that this has been done before - when William Shatner "died" in a similar way in a Priceline commercial that you can see here.

The question is whether the audience will feel entertained … cheated … or will even care at all.