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The Washington Business Journal offers a glimpse - just a glimpse, since Amazon isn't talking - about a new retail store it appears to be readying in the nation's capital.

According to the story, "D.C. issued a permit Monday to build out an 8,041-square-foot brick-and-mortar Amazon store at the Liz, the recently delivered mixed-use project at 1701 14th St. NW … The site plan for the D.C. store shows an indoor shopping cart corral, a 'speed lane' to enter the store via a swipe and no obvious cashier lanes, all hallmarks of Amazon Go's sensor-filled shopping experience. There will be racks of retail, a produce area, an alcohol area and an area to pick up prepackaged, precooked food — a proposed menu includes breakfast wraps, waffles, soups, pizza, burritos, chicken wings and rice bowls. But there will be no seats."

At more than eight thousand square feet, the store would be significantly larger than Amazon Go stores, which also feature checkout-free technology. It also is smaller than the new grocery format that Amazon is said to be getting ready to open in Los Angeles and elsewhere.
KC's View:
Before he officially launched it, Jeff Bezos considered calling the site "Relentless." (If you go to, it actually takes you to Amazon.)

But if he'd known how things were going to end up, he probably would've considered another name: "Ubiquitous."