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The New York Times reports that Pennsylvania law enforcement authorities are investigating the apparent deliberate release of bedbugs in a Walmart store in Washington Township there.

According to the story, "An employee found a closed pill bottle containing live bugs on Thursday inside the men’s changing room … The bottle was inside a boy’s jacket that was for sale, the police said."

The Times goes on: "The employee reported finding bugs crawling around the men’s fitting room, the police said. The insects were identified as bedbugs.

"On Saturday, a Walmart employee found a second closed pill bottle with several dead bugs on the floor of the men’s department, near the belts, the police said."

No arrests have been made, and police are not treating the incidents as separate pranks. Walmart contacted Ecolab, the hygiene and energy technologies company, to investigate the incidents. There is no evidence of an infestation.
KC's View:

I find myself itching just reading the Times piece and then passing it along to you. Apologies if you are having the same reaction.

But what kind of a sick person would do something like this?

If they catch the person, and are able to prove that this was deliberate and malicious, I know what the punishment ought to be. Small room. No easy exits. Perpetrators. And a bunch of live bedbugs just hanging out, waiting for some blood to suck.