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CNBC reports that Amazon is saying that automakers' demand for its Alexa-powered voice technology is "through the roof," and that the company is “essentially talking” with "all major automakers on partnering in some form."

The story says that "Amazon wants to capitalize on a growing demand for connectivity in vehicles and create a seamless ecosystem for Alexa on the go and at home. Automakers are looking to improve current in-vehicle voice recognition systems after years of lackluster offerings that have harmed quality and reliability ratings.

"Automakers started partnering with Amazon for rudimentary tasks such as starting the vehicle remotely through Alexa in-home devices in 2016. The sides have since expanded those collaborations to embed Alexa into vehicles, allowing Alexa to control some vehicle functions. The tech giant also earlier this year released Echo Auto, an aftermarket in-vehicle device with Alexa.
Amazon has announced partnerships with 10 automakers. Additional tie-ups, expanded relationships and increased functionality with current vehicles are expected next year and beyond."

Among the car companies said to be in various stages of development and discussion with Amazon are General Motors, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Ford.
KC's View:
I happen to have an Echo Auto, and whatever problems I have with it can be traced to the antiquated technology in my five-year old Mustang. (My car doesn't even have a rear-view camera, which wouldn't seem like such a big deal except that every other car I drive does … and it is amazing how dependent one becomes on it.)

This trend has huge implications for retailers, especially as voice technology becomes more intuitive and connected. The ability to compile a shopping list both at home and on the road and then place an order from the car that can be picked up at the store - all in a frictionless fashion - will be a game-changer, giving retailers that are part of the continuum a real advantage.