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One of the more entertaining feature stories that I've read lately was in the Boston Globe, and concerned retired baseball star Kevin Youkilis, who when he retired from baseball in 2013 went back to school to get a business degree, and now is the owner-operator of the Loma Brewing Company, in Los Gatos, California.

An excerpt:

"Amidst the gleaming tanks, stylish bar, and hip West Coast menu, there is zero Red Sox memorabilia. No framed Kevin Youkilis uniforms or photos of the Red Sox Hall of Famer jumping into the pig pile while winning two World Series. No cutouts of his crazy batting stance with the bat coiled toward the center-field bleachers and the fingers creeping dangerously toward the barrel. No YOOOUUUCK chants at the bar, either … Now 40, he looks the same as he did when he legged out a triple in his last at-bat for the Red Sox in 2012. But now when he talks about hops, he doesn’t mean bounces."

Just a fun piece, about baseball and youth sports and, of course, beer … all among my favorite subjects. You can read it here.
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