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Content Guy's Note: The goal of "The Innovation Conversation" is to explore some facet of the fast-changing, technology-driven retail landscape and how it affects businesses and consumers. It is, we think, fertile territory ... and one that Tom Furphy - a former Amazon executive, the originator of Amazon Fresh, and currently CEO and Managing Director of Consumer Equity Partners (CEP), a venture capital and venture development firm in Seattle, WA, that works with many top retailers and manufacturers - is uniquely positioned to address.

One more time … fate and happenstance brought Tom and me together in the same place - New York City - at the same time, and so we decided to meet at a local bar, order a couple of beers and and play a game of "Will / Should."

In this game, each of us had to make a prediction about something innovation-centric that we believe will happen in 2020 … and then offer a suggestion for something that should happen in the coming year (even if we don't have a ton of confidence that it will).

We think you'll enjoy this last Innovation Conversation of 2019, which only is available in video, above left.

And when you're done watching, may we suggest that you and your co-workers and teams play the same game … see how your answers compare … and then maybe start working on converting some "should" items into the "will" column.

KC's View: