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Got the following email about Michael Sansolo's column yesterday focusing on the lessons taught by demographics:

Enjoyed Michael’s column. Am 95 years old, living in a retirement home where one resident is 101. Have noticed Walmart is providing part-time employment for a lot of people. More firms should do it.

Fortunately, I am still physically and mentally active. Have been retired since 1987.

It gives me enormous pleasure to know you read MNB. I hope I'm as sharp when I'm 95.

Even before MNB reported on the Acosta bankruptcy, MNB reader Pauline Towler wrote:

Unfortunate situation for Acosta on their filing for bankruptcy, which is going to be very interesting development in in-store support for grocers.  Being in the industry, they have already lost a lot of their business to Crossmark and Advantage, but both of those firms are also owned by private equity.

It seems the big three, have gone out and paid handsomely to acquire smaller brokers, but it’s coming back to haunt them, as retailers are consolidating and CPG’s are doing their own headquarter work and this loss of revenue is taking its toll on them.  These equity firms generally hold companies they buy for 5 -7 years, squeeze them for profit, and then try to sell them.  This is a big development in the grocery industry and think others will face the same situation in the future.

More email about the need for baby changing stations in men's rooms … as MNB reader Mitch Hill wrote:

Restaurants routinely have a number of decals on their door reflecting a number of things such as credit cards/e-payments accepted, food reviews, chamber of commerce, etc. etc.  What about a universal symbol decal indicating ALL restrooms are equipped with changing facilities?  This would take the guess work out and help families to better enjoy their meals.

And from another reader:

With regards to Diaper Changing Stations, I agree they should be available in either gender restrooms and am surprised that is not always the case in this day and age.

Just for the record, a business associate of mine who also happens to be a Mom has developed an App called "Changing Station Locator" that uses crowd sourced information as to which bathrooms nationwide have stations available.

This is by no means a plug in any way, but I thought it was information that was worth sharing. I tested the Apple version and found it pretty handy and she was supposed to be developing an Android version too.

Regarding Kroger's deal with ghost kitchen company ClusterTruck, MNB reader Tom Redwine wrote:

First, I'd've LOVED to have been a fly on the wall in that pitch meeting.

Second, hope they can get Samuel L. Jackson for their commercials.

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