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Forbes reports that "select 7-Eleven convenience stores in the state of Colorado will feature CBD-dispensing, high-tech vending machines produced by greenbox Robotics, the industrial automation company behind widely celebrated CBD and cannabis-dispensing robots found in Come Back Daily and Erba Collective, among other very cool places."

The story notes that "greenbox robots use a sophisticated age and ID verification system, to ensure anyone acquiring products out of their boxes is legally allowed to do so."

And, Forbes goes on: "7-Eleven now joins the list of big US retailers offering CBD products, alongside CVS, Walgreens, Urban Outfitters, and a few others listed  in this Forbes article. However, 7-Eleven is the first to offer an automated service and curated selection. Even more interestingly, greenbox will seek to feature select small, up-and-coming CBD brands that might otherwise not be able to hit the shelves at retailers of such size."
KC's View:
I'm so uncool that I had to look up what Come Back Daily and the Erba Collective are. Thank goodness for Google.