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Institutional Investor has a piece about retailing's last mile and the challenges it presents to those who look to conquer it.

Here's how the story frames the issue:

"The last mile of a marathon is always the toughest — and Amazon, the capitalist colossus intent on owning much of the world’s wallet share, is in the closing sprint alongside increasingly web-savvy brick-and-mortar rivals like Walmart and Target. The victor will be the firm that can most rapidly deliver online orders to customers’ homes, within a day or less.

"Amazon, with its online prowess, is undeniably ahead. Yet worryingly for the Seattle company and its enigmatic CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, it cannot match the thousands of stores that Walmart and Target have in close proximity to consumers and that are being used to warehouse and quickly distribute products ordered online. It is these warehouses that pose a serious threat to Amazon — perhaps the most serious threat it has faced in decades."

You can read the entire story here.
KC's View:
For the record, this story was brought to my attention by an MNB reader who wrote:

KC, this article has your name written all over it.  You give Amazon more free press than anyone I know as they continue to destroy the environment, transportation/traffic/infrastructure/raw materials overuse and feed the arrogant me/myself/I  millennials and boomers who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.

I sense a bit of hostility here.