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by Kevin Coupe

From the moment I met her, I really liked Frieda Rapoport Caplan … she's just so interesting, and fun to hang out with, and loaded with great stories, and amazingly inquisitive, and incredibly impressive because in 1962 she started her own specialty produce distributor and marketer, and today, at age 96, she's still extraordinarily focused on the business.

That's a long sentence. Fifty-seven words, to be precise. But is somehow seems appropriate to talk about Frieda in a way that a) makes me breathless, and b) emphasizes how much she's done and continues to do.

I bring this up because it pleases me enormously to see that the Washington Post has a story about Frieda, and the eponymous company she started, and the succeeding two generations of family members that now run it.

This story is familiar to some, I know, but worth pointing out to people who may not know about Frieda's. (Here's all you really need to know. She was the first person to bring kiwifruit to the US. Really.)

It is an Eye-Opener, and you can and should read it here.
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