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Los Angeles Times business columnist David Lazarus has a good piece about Amazon's health care ambitions, writing about how it is "simultaneously learning how to dispense and deliver drugs online by testing an online pharmacy on its employees." While Amazon has been secretive about its intentions, recent moves, the story says, have made the picture clearer.

The Times headline may say it all: Amazon Care may be to healthcare what Amazon Prime is to shopping.

You can read the story here.
KC's View:
Lazarus concedes that at this point there are more questions that answers…

"How ambitious are Amazon’s plans? Does it see Amazon Care becoming a sort of online CVS MinuteClinic, or will it offer more comprehensive treatment? Will it work with all insurance companies? Will Amazon offer its own insurance?

"What are the consequences of telemedicine to some extent replacing in-person visits with medical professionals? Will care suffer as a result?"

But he concludes that there is no question that the US healthcare system is ripe for disruption, and that Amazon - perhaps the most customer-obsessed company in the world - may be positioned to deliver it.

Ready or not.