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The Major League Baseball playoff picture finally is set…

National League East - Atlanta Braves
National League Central - St. Louis Cardinals
National League West - Los Angeles Dodgers
Wild Cards - Milwaukee Brewers, Washington Nationals

American League East - New York Yankees
American League Central - Minnesota Twins
American League West - Houston Astros
Wild Cards - Tampa Bay Rays, Oakland Athletics

If I had to guess, it'll end up being the Dodgers vs. the Astros in the World Series. But that's hardly making a risky bet.

In Week Four of National Football League action…

Washington 3
NY Giants 24

Kansas City 34
Detroit 30

Tennessee 24
Atlanta 10

Cleveland 40
Baltimore 25

Oakland 31
Indianapolis 24

New England 16
Buffalo 10

Carolina 16
Houston 10

LA Chargers 30
Miami 10

Tampa Bay 55
LA Rams 40

Seattle 27
Arizona 10

Minnesota 6
Chicago 16

Jacksonville 26
Denver 24

Dallas 10
New Orleans 12
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