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As part of a broad commitment to helping consumers reduce their consumption of sugar - it is going category-by-category to "increase transparency around added sugar" in grocery items around the store - Raley's is turning to the past sauce category.

According to the announcement, Raley's "refreshed pasta sauce aisle includes new educational signage and enhanced product tags. These new tags highlight pasta sauces with less than 5% or more than 25% of total calories coming from added sugar. In the pasta sauce category, about two-thirds of the vast selection of 'Better for You' brands Raley’s offers have 5% or less calories coming from added sugar. In addition, more than 50 products can receive a special Shelf Guide tag for No Added Sugar."

Raley's started the process in the cold cereal category, and plans to expand into other sections of the store in the near future.

"For customers committed to avoiding sugar altogether, they can utilize Raley’s recently relaunched one-of-a-kind label transparency tool, Raley’s Shelf Guide," the company says. "The No Sugar Added icon, just one of 23 icons that can be found on store tags and online, allows customers to identify products completely free of any added sugar when shopping in-store and online."
KC's View:
The argument here always has been high levels of transparency are good for the food industry, and that means providing shoppers with as much information as possible so they can make intelligent decisions. Good for Raley's.