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The New Yorker has a piece about Pat Brown, the founder/CEO of Impossible Foods, who, "by developing plant-based beef, chicken, pork, lamb, dairy, and fish … intends to wipe out all animal agriculture and deep-sea fishing by 2035."

“The use of animals in food production is by far the most destructive technology on earth," Brown says. "We see our mission as the last chance to save the planet from environmental catastrophe.”

"Meat is essentially a huge check written against the depleted funds of our environment," The New Yorker writes. "Agriculture consumes more freshwater than any other human activity, and nearly a third of that water is devoted to raising livestock. One-third of the world’s arable land is used to grow feed for livestock, which are responsible for 14.5 per cent of global greenhouse-gas emissions. Razing forests to graze cattle—an area larger than South America has been cleared in the past quarter century—turns a carbon sink into a carbon spigot."

You can read the entire, fascinating story here.
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