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CNBC reports that CVS has hired Adam Pellegrini, most recently the vice president of digital health at Fitbit, to be its new senior vice president of transformation consumer health products, responsible for leading “the ideation and incubation of consumer-focused health products and services that drive enterprise value and growth.”

The story notes that “CVS is trying to transform its business after acquiring a health insurer, Aetna, for $70 billion. The company is renovating 1,500 of CVS’ roughly 10,000 drugstores over the next few years to focus more on health services. Called HealthHUBs, the initial versions include an expanded health clinic, with a lab for blood testing, dietitians and wellness rooms.

“Executives hope the new services will keep people coming into CVS’ stores instead of ordering their vitamins, toilet paper and even prescription drugs online. They also recognize CVS needs to build its own digital experience in order to compete with companies like Amazon, which acquired digital pharmacy PillPack last year.”
KC's View:
Another example of how CVS is rethinking virtually every corner of its business, making a series of concerted efforts to reinvent itself for a c changing healthcare economy and increasing focus by consumers on self-care.

This is enormously important, and I think positions the company a lot better for the future than the far more modest moves being made by Walgreen and the fairly mediocre approach to the market taken at Rite Aid.

Mrs. Content Guy loves her FitBit. Wears it everywhere. If that kind of connection could be fostered with a retailer, connecting behavior to products and retail experiences, that could be really powerful.