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by Kevin Coupe

Earlier this summer I rhapsodized about “The Chef Show,” an eight-part Netflix series that is an outgrowth of Chef, one of my favorite movies of the past few years. Chef was written and directed by Jon Favreau, who also starred as a high-profile chef who finds his personal and professional life in severe disarray, and redeems himself via a food truck with which he recaptures his passion for cooking.

“The Chef Show” is cohosted by Favreau and Roy Choi, a Korean-American chef who has been enormously influential in the nation’s food truck movement and who brought his unfussy enthusiasms and considerable expertise to the movie and now to the series.

If you haven’t watched “The Chef Show” yet, you should … my experience with it was that it made me hungry (always a good sign in a food show) and effectively communicated its delight in its subject via a variety of different locations, restaurateurs and celebrities. The show also is pursuing a multimedia strategy, launching a recipe page featuring some of the dishes made on the show.

Check out the site here.

Now, I’m thrilled to report that “The Chef Show” is coming back for a second round, with a new set of shows scheduled to debut on Netflix on September 13. (In an email, Favreau says that this group of shows is technically “Season 1: Volume 2,” but I’m not sure what the difference is between that and a second season.

Ultimately, I don’t care … I can’t wait because I expect it to be as Eye-Opening as the original shows.

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