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The Financial Post reports that Eataly plans to open its first Canadian location this fall, calling it “the first step in what Eataly’s executive president, Andrea Guerra, sees as a legitimate expansion into Canada, one that could eventually see locations added in Montreal and/or Vancouver.”

The 50,000 square foot store “will have three levels and include a grocery store, a fresh market, four restaurants and half a dozen bars, counters and coffee shops.”

In an interview, Guerra says, “When you’re a small company, I think it’s very, very important to be focused and to do one step at a time. So in North America, we had this big objective to really build a huge pillar in the United States, which is what we have done. And now we’re ready to move into all of North America and Canada has been the first place to go, before other places in Central America. And I think that Canada will allow us to have more than one spot … Toronto probably - being the largest city - could host a second Eataly. And then, between Montreal and Vancouver, there could be another Eataly. I really think Canada can be a big place for us. The basic culture of Canada is much closer to Europe than to the United States.”
KC's View:
I think that Toronto is a terrific food town, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Eataly can be a real success there. Can’t wait to get up there to see it.