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Earlier this week MNB took note of a Wine Searcher story about how Amazon is planning a new bricks-and-mortar store in San Francisco that will be dedicated specifically to liquor.

Well, go figure … it already has one in Los Angeles that it has been operating under the radar for six months.

Wine Searcher says that the store is located at 3334 N San Fernando Road - pretty much at the juncture of the Glendale and Golden State Freeways, just two miles east of Griffith Park ands about four miles north of Dodger Stadium - and is doing both bricks-and-mortar business as well as using the store as a base from which to make deliveries.
KC's View:
This story makes me wonder how many other low-profile experiments Amazon may be running out there that nobody knows about. Betcha it is a lot more than any of us would’ve guessed …