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USA Today reports that Party City is increasing by 10 the number of stores it plans to close this year - it will be 55 instead of the previously announced 45. The company says that it traditionally has closed between 10 and 15 stores a year.

Part City also has announced that “it is selling 65 Canada stores to the Canadian Tire Corporation and is looking to increase its ‘overall distribution of party goods into the Canadian market through a long-term supply agreement’.”

One bit of good news for Party City - it says it has dealt with a helium shortage by securing “additional helium supply.”

Axios reports that Washington, DC, officials are taking another shot at figuring out how to get residents in low income neighborhoods to better food stores, having pretty much established that it is hard to get the supermarkets to move into those food deserts.

According to the story, the city is offering subsidized taxi rides - up to $10 per ride - to Safeway, Giant, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods and a Martha’s Table food pantry that are in different neighborhoods.

The story notes that “an earlier version of the Taxi-to-Rail program, which offered people east of the Anacostia River a ride to Metro in a D.C. Yellow Cab for only $3, had trouble getting riders,” perhaps because $3 couldn’t get people close enough to the stores.

Axios says that the city has budgeted $65,000 for the pilot program.
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