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• Walmart said yesterday that it has committed “$400,000 in direct cash grants to support local community foundations that have set up funds for those impacted by” last weekend’s mass shootings at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, by what is being described as a white nationalist domestic terrorist.

According to the announcement, “To address the urgent need of support, Walmart is providing cash donations to the El Paso Community Foundation's Shooting Victims’ Fund and Paso Del Norte Community Foundation's El Paso Victims Relief Fund. Walmart is also working closely with local officials and government entities to help meet the needs of those affected.”

“Our hearts ache for El Pasoans,” said Greg Foran, president/CEO of Walmart US. “As we work on helping our associates through this tragedy, we also want to help ensure the community has the resources it needs by providing funds to support the important work the El Paso Community Foundation and the Paso del Norte Community Foundation are doing during this difficult time. We want to support the people of El Paso every step of the way.”

Walmart has been under pressure to stop selling guns - it sells firearms in approximately half of its US stores - but to this point it has resisted making that change.
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