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The New Yorker has a story entitled “The Last Robot-Proof Job in America?” that looks at a new tech startup emerging at the 200-year-old Fulton Fish Market in New York City that “allows customers in the rest of the country, both restaurants and individuals, to buy from the market, too, cutting out a chain of regional seafood dealers. The fish is shipped fresh, rather than frozen, thanks to an Amazon-esque warehousing-and-logistics system.”

CEO Mike Spindler tells the magazine: “I can get a fish to Warren Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska, that’s as fresh as if he’d walked down to the pier and bought it that morning.” (Not that there are many piers in Omaha.)

But, The New Yorker writes, there is one thing “that the sophisticated logistics system cannot do: pick out a fish. If Warren Buffett orders a red snapper, the company needs to insure that his fish is fresh, fairly priced, and actually an American red snapper—and not some other, day-old red fish that a vender is trying to pass off.”

And go figure - they have an actual person to do that.

You can read the story of that person here.

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