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by Kevin Coupe

Dorothy Lane Market continues to illustrate how an independent retailer - in this case, a three-store supermarket company in Dayton, Ohio - can continue to be a vital and growing presence.

In this case, the food-centric retailer is opening a new facility, in Miamisburg, Ohio, where it can make its famed Killer Brownies.

According to the company, “The new building is nearly 27,000 square-feet. In October of 2016, Killer Brownie moved into its current location, a 7,200-square-foot building. Simply put, The Killer Brownie Company has outgrown its current facility and now offers more than 100 products in the brownie category. The taste of its well-known signature Killer Brownie as well as Every Day and Gourmet brownies has spread to national restaurant and retail chains … such as Wegmans in the east, Lunds and Byerlys in Minnesota, and Bristol Farms in southern California.”

The Killer Brownies also are available online and, obviously, at Dorothy Lane stores.

I love these kinds of stories. This is a time when a lot of retailers are trying to figure out how to be relevant and differentiate themselves. But pretty much daily, DLM Gets. It. Done.

As a three-store independent, it is a pretty fair bet that DLM has fewer resources than bigger entities. But the greatest resources an independent retailer can have are imagination, ambition, and an unwillingness to be hemmed in by tradition and expectations. A core value at DLM - one of the most accomplished retailers in the country - has been never to be complacent about its achievements. Reputation is something you had yesterday … today you have to earn it all over again.

And that ought to be an Eye-Opener for everyone.
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