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The Cincinnati Business Courier reports that Kroger will host its second annual Wellness Your Way festival in downtown Cincinnati this fall, and will host a similar event for the first time in Denver in late summer.

The story notes that Kroger “sponsors the festival to provide customers with information about healthful nutrition and lifestyle as well as medication … Kroger partnered with Inclusion Cos. and pop singer Jewel to create the festival, which will again include interactive stations featuring health and wellness technology. That will include  the Kroger Health app and Kroger’s OptUp app, which helps shoppers find nutrition information about grocery store items.

“Jewel will return for this year's festival, hosting music events in Cincinnati and Denver on Saturday nights. Her Never Broken Foundation is the festival’s nonprofit partner.”

The Courier points out that “Kroger Health, a division of the company, operates more than 2,300 pharmacies and 11 specialty pharmacies nationwide as well as 200 clinics.”
KC's View:
I love ideas like this one, which focus on the burgeoning self-care/healthcare area by combining elements of health maintenance, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.

This increasingly may end up being the center of the target for retailers such as Kroger and CVS, which could find themselves adjusting their business models and modifying their stores and approaches to take advantage of this opportunity. People have the ability and desire to be smarter about their own health, and savvy retailers will cater to this in their efforts.

I would look for Kroger to do more of this around the country if the Denver expansion works, and then for other retailers to follow suit and find their own self-care/healthcare path.