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by Kevin Coupe

Airbnb has done a pretty good job of helping to disrupt the traditional hotel business, to the point where Marriott is launching its own division to offer Airbnb-like home sharing services.

But apparently it isn’t done.

“Today,” Fast Company writes, “Airbnb is introducing Adventures, a collection of three- to seven-day trips that allow travelers to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations around the world. The all-inclusive trips include guides, meals, on-the-ground transport, and accommodations, along with any necessary gear.”

Fast Company is right. I just got an email from Airbnb pitching its new Adventures service.

This isn’t the first such line extension by Airbnb. The story notes that the company has had its Airbnb Experiences marketplace, but it was limited to daylong trips.

“Airbnb Adventures include tracking tigers in Kenya, kayaking in Sweden, and living in an American ghost town,” the story says. “They range from culinary exploration to more physically demanding treks.”

It is an interesting line extension for the company. Fast Company makes the point that millennials are becoming more sophisticated and, shall we say, adventuresome, in their travel interests, and the definition of “adventure,” which used to be more high risk-oriented, has broadened somewhat.

Airbnb is hoping that it can differentiate itself by being both local and affordable, and “thinks it can set itself apart from the typical adventure fare by coming up with unique trips. Most of the operators on the platform are regional and not widely known, and many are offering trips that are exclusive to Airbnb. Adventures will range from $79 to $5,000, depending on the length of the trip and the complexity of the journey. On average, Airbnb says these trips will cost $750 for seven days, or $110 a day, which is on the more affordable end.”

It is a good example for what a lot of consumer-facing businesses can and should do - identify evolving interests, and then find an approach that isn’t me-too.

That’s when you come up with an Eye-Opener.
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