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USA Today reports the department store Kohl’s will close down its four Off/Aisle stores, “ending a four-year-old foray into discount retailing.”

According to the story, the closure of the stores - which sold deeply discounted items that were not sold at its traditional stores - is “not because they were unsuccessful, but because improved inventory management at regular Kohl's department stores has left the firm unable to supply the Off/Aisles with enough merchandise.”

"While we've learned a lot from the tests, we also learned that our strength and ongoing improvements in inventory management across the company do not allow us to appropriately stock Off/Aisle stores at scale," EVP Jon Gross wrote in a memo to employees.
KC's View:
Nice problem to have, huh? Closing stores that specialized in remainders because there simply isn’t enough stock to make them viable. What a concept.

I wonder if, in addition to having better inventory management, Kohl’s also is benefitting from higher traffic helped by its expanding relationship with Amazon.