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The Lakeland Ledger reports that Publix Super Markets is integrating a new mobile payment system into its smartphone app, though it is not providing much in the way of additional information about the rollout plans.

“By integrating a mobile pay solution within the Publix app, we can offer a way for our customers to plan, shop, save and pay with ease,” Publix spokesman Brian West tells the Ledger. “Mobile payment through the Publix app on iOS (Apple devices) is currently being rolled out in phases throughout the company. Additionally, we plan to expand this service to Android devices.”

West says that Publix has been testing Apple Pay in some of its Virginia stores, but did not say what system would be used throughout the chain nor how long it would take to have it up and running in all of its 1,218 stores.
KC's View:
The general consensus seems to be that Publix has been slow out of the gate with this innovation, but I think that’s been fairly typical of how the company has approached this sort of stuff. It had a bunch of starts and stops when it came to e-commerce, for example, which I thought reflected a lack of commitment and some skepticism about the entire segment. But, Publix would probably argue that it is simply being deliberate, that these things have to be right for it and its shoppers before it jumps in.

The story notes that “according to a 2018 report from global management consultant McKinsey & Company, mobile apps accounted for 31% of the $3.1 trillion in worldwide digital commerce. It projected that would more than double by 2022.” So for Publix - and other retailers - it would seem to be time.