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The Cincinnati Business Courier reports that Kroger, just weeks after moving into the 1819 Innovation Hub located on the campus of the University of Cincinnati, already is “benefiting from the space.”

Here’s how:

“Kroger hosted a group of five UC interns throughout the spring semester, locating them in open Innovation Hub spaces until Kroger’s space opened. Chris Daniels, Kroger’s manager in residence for the Innovation Hub space, worked with those students on a variety of research and innovation projects.

“Kroger had the group of interns do market research and help it figure out how the Internet of Things that brings connectivity to common items. Kroger’s intern group at the Innovation Hub built a prototype of a smart refrigerator that could make it easier for customers to reorder Kroger products as they were running out, Hjelm said. They also worked on security technology and lighting improvements.

“Kroger will typically have students work on projects at the Innovation Hub. The nature of those projects will vary depending on the students and their areas of study.”
KC's View:
First of all, the 1819 Innovation Hub looks impressive. You can check it out here.

I love it when business and academia get together in this way … I think it really has the potential to move the ball forward. That’s been my experience at Portland State University (PSU), where I’m on the adjunct faculty… and I’m thrilled that later this year, my two worlds will collide in a special Retail Tomorrow conference that will take place at PSU. More to come … but I hope that you’ll be part of it.