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In upstate New York, the Democrat & Chronicle reports that Wegmans has launched a new mobile scanning app, dubbed Wegmans SCAN, in its East Avenue store in Rochester.

According to the story, “Wegmans SCAN is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. To use the app, customers must be connected to the East Avenue store’s Wi-Fi and link the app to their Shoppers Club account. Once connected, customers can scan items and bag them as they shop. Shoppers Club discounts and clipped digital coupons are automatically applied to the order. Customers can also see a running total for their order as they shop. Customers complete payment at any self-checkout register.”

The story says that “the East Avenue location is its first store to offer Wegmans SCAN. If it is successful, the company will roll out the program to additional stores.”
KC's View:
A good move, but just a start … Mobile scanning apps are fine, but they are just a stepping stone to checkout-free shopping, which really is where things are going.