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Kantar and Leafly (a marijuana-centric news and information source) are out with a new study saying that “more than 80% of known US cannabis consumers use cannabis daily … Of those who use cannabis daily, 77% use cannabis across the spectrum of medical and recreational use, blurring the use case lines. The top five reasons for cannabis use in the US include: 1. Relax and unwind, 2. Acute need, 3. Treat myself, 4. Have fun with friends and 5. Enhance other experiences.”

In addition, the study found that “American cannabis consumers tend to use less medication as 58% of Americans consumer significantly/somewhat less OTC medications, while 48% consume significantly/somewhat less prescription medication. Cannabis usage also impacts alcohol consumption, with 54% of American cannabis consumers reporting a decrease in alcohol consumption.”

Other findings:

• “US cannabis consumers currently purchase cannabis through independently owned retailers with a single location (e.g. ‘mom and pop’ retailers), unregulated providers or chain retailers with multiple locations
41% of American cannabis consumers prefer to purchase through a boutique retail outlet, as it feels like a unique buying experience.

• “An additional 35% of users prefer a one-on-one buying experience, as it feels like they are purchasing from someone they trust.”

• “Only 10% of respondents preferred purchasing at a chain retail outlet, while 8% preferred an online setting.”

• “American cannabis consumers complete their retail purchases relatively quickly, as 57% complete their retail purchase in less than 15 minutes and 88% complete their retail purchase in less than 30 minutes.”
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