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Good piece in the Wall Street Journal about how “the auto industry and Silicon Valley are locked in a battle for control of one of the last unconquered screens: your car dashboard display. At stake are billions of dollars in revenue from ads and services as well as the balance of power between two big industries. And then there is the future of the dash itself, a source of endless complaints from drivers frustrated by its glitchy concoction of buttons and technologies.”

Some automobile manufacturers don’t want to cede the space and functionality to tech companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon, largely because they see those screens as being critical to their ongoing relationship with drivers. But others acknowledge that tech companies may be better positioned to move the ball forward to create more interactive and relevant functions.

An excerpt:

“On future screens, local restaurants, doctors’ offices and other services could target ads based on typical driving routes. An insurance company could offer lower rates for cautious drivers, while car makers could use system data to offer service on an aging part before it blows. Some envision a world where users could start watching a TV show at home, then with a voice command continue watching the same program in the car. Others are working on allowing users to order and pay for gasoline and coffee on their screens.

“These data-driven products could create as much as $750 billion in new revenue by 2030, including from location-based advertisements and predictive car maintenance, McKinsey & Co. has estimated.”

You can read the entire story here.
KC's View:
I think I’ve said this here before - I think that automakers should facilitate an à la carte approach to such things, enabling me as a buyer to have whatever I want. Largely, this will make sense as all of our devices become interconnected and smarter, able to learn and grow smarter in their responses, even anticipating what we want and need. Disconnected care screens will be irrelevant.